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Badgalkiki’s Top Albums of 2014

by Kirsten Becker
2014 was an incredible year of great rock and roll music. Here are some of my favorite albums, in kind of an order, but not really.*~~


1. Aphex Twin- Syro
Kool album following a long period of just about nothing from this guy. Bonus points for being the only Aphex Twin album to not make me have a panic attack.


2. FKA Twigs- LP1
What a year for powerful women makin music. Lots of cool collabs featuring Dev Hynes, Sampha and company.


3. Actress- Ghettoville
Favorite album cover this year. Glitchy, minimalist techno vibes. Ninja Tune goodness.


4. Die Antwoord- Donker Mag
Wowie, nothing was quite better than catching Die Antwoord playing at 2AM at Bonnaroo this year. I still don’t understand the zef side but I am forever in luv.


5. Caribou- Our Love
THIS ALBUM IS SO FREAKIN GOOD. Reflective pop album about loss and love. Guaranteed to get u dancin.


6. Quilt- Held in Splendor
Throwback to 60’s psychy-folky stuff.


7. Cibo Matto- Hotel Valentine
I never thought I would ever see another album from this crazy Japanese duo. Sp00ky stories about ghosts, trip hop, lo-fi funk.


8. Hookworms- The Hum
The first track is such a good intro, haven’t stopped listening to this album just yet. The people describe this as “scuzzy,” I think that’s a good word for it.


9. Azealia Banks- Broke With Expensive Taste
FINALLY. I have been holding out for almost 4 years for this album to come out<3


10. Temples- Sun Structures
Still a pretty new band, this release follows in Tame Impala’s footsteps in the psych rock revival genre,


11. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard- I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
Nothing compares to randomly seeing this band during this year’s CMJ. GREAT ROCK MUSIC.


12. London Grammar- If You Wait
Swooning female vocals and reverb-heavy pop stuff.
Honorable Mentions:
St. Vincent – St. Vincent
Gardens & Villa – Dunes
The Horrors – Luminous
Spoon - They Want My Soul
Les Sins – Michael
Clipping – CLPPNG
Holy Wave – Relax
Snowmine – Dialects

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Concert Review: Disclosure at Union Transfer (6/6/2014)

When A Fire Starts To Burn — Disclosure

When A Fire Starts To Burn — Disclosure

By Jonathan Plotkin

Wow okay so this is mad late but whatever. I saw Disclosure like a month ago and due to a combination of being super busy at work and super lazy when I’m not at work, it’s taken me this long to get this review out. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats wondering how I enjoyed the Disclosure show at the Union Transfer last month and now you’re finally going to find out.

Full disclosure (pun fully intended because punz rool): I’m not “the biggest fan” of Disclosure. I’ve heard their album Settle, thought it was really cool, and then kind of forgot about it. I haven’t heard their early stuff, but I thought that album was dope and figured their show would be pretty fun. I honestly didn’t even plan on see them- I was supposed to see Kishi Bashi but then a fellow DJ at the station handed me a pair of free tickets to the thrice sold out show, so I couldn’t really say no. Not knowing what to expect, I finally rolled up some time after 9 PM, just in time for that awkward transition after the opener to the main act. I met up with my friend Chris (@CrispyChrisX) who proceeded to tell me all about house music until Disclosure got on. A good primer for the coming act, considering I missed Broadzilla since I got there late.

When Disclosure finally got to the stage, I didn’t really know what they had so many instruments set up. They had a drum kit, keyboards, bass guitar… I thought these guys were just DJs? Turns out one of the reasons their work sounds so rich and full is because they play real instruments! Of course, everyone reading this probably thinks I’m a total noob but WHATEVER man I think learning new things is great and I just wanted to share that excitement with you guys.


The crowd was super pumped, and since the show was super sold out, the Union Transfer was more packed than I’d ever seen it. Disclosure used that to their advantage though and got the jams pumping right away, forcing the close-packed crowd to dance with “F For You”, leading into “When A Fire Starts To Burn.” After that, they played some stuff that I didn’t recognize, but Chris told me was some of their old stuff updated with new twists (I later looked it up- I remember at least one of their old songs they played was “Flow” which sounds good on YouTube, but was incredible live). This whole time, the brothers are singing, playing live drums, and doodling around on the bass. If there’s anything I love in house music, it’s a good bassline and watching it being pulled live from an instrument is just too cool.

The duo moved back to more famous stuff from their album, which due to their excessive touring schedule was incredibly tight and well rehearsed. They kept it fresh though, adding all sorts of new elements to songs that undoubtedly were getting a little old for them. At one point, Chris turned to me and complained that he didn’t think they sounded “big enough” and that one of the drops should have gotten more of a reaction. Luckily, their next song was crowd favorite (or at least MY favorite) “Grab Her” and they had it turned up to 11 the whole time.

I especially liked how professional their light set up was. For two brothers who are barely old enough to drink at some of the shows that play in the USA, they had laser effects and projections rivaling well established bands like Chromeo and and Emancipator. The Disclosure mask made quite a few appearances, floating around the brothers’ heads and (somewhat creepily) singing along the last few tracks. From a projection display that reminded me of the video for Simian Mobile Disco song “Cerulean” to lighting the whole stage red during “When A Fire Starts To Burn”, the show was just as visually stimulating as could be (speaking of which, when they played “Stimulation” the crowd went wild with how pumped up the sound was).

Finishing the track “Help Me Lose My Mind” with plenty of audience help on the vocals, the brothers walked off stage. The crowd started chanting “Latch! Latch” and when Disclosure finally walked back on stage I thought the roof was going to fly off. Closing with a soul splitting rendition of “Latch” in which everyone sang (even me, despite only learning the lyrics after the first verse). It was a beautiful show and the vibes during it the whole time were just fantastic. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend taking the time to see Disclosure live if you get the chance. No matter if you’re feeling happy or sad, tryna dance or tryna chill, Disclosure put on one hell of a show.

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5 Quick Hits from Ultrasound Radio

Look, I don’t have a lot of time here, so I’m just gonna drop a few hints about some beats and beeps I’ve been digging lately—the kind of stuff you can hear with me onUltrasound Radio

  1. St. Vincent, “Digital Witness”—The best Tori Amos song in years (ROFLCOPTER). Sam from Jet Set Radio needs to stop stealing my thunder with this track.
  2. Todd Terje, “Delorean Dynamite”—Did you fall all over Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories last year? Well, pick yourself up and bump your head on It’s Album Time.
  3. Eno + Hyde, “Daddy’s Car”—I haven’t listened to all of Someday World yet, but if the rest of it is as good as this second leak, I think these two newcomers might have a future.
  4. Nikka Costa, “Like a Feather”—Throwback alert! First heard the riff in As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol. 2 but didn’t know the first place to find it. Now obsessed, thanks to Wil Schade.
  5. The Grid, “Crystal Clear (Clear, Like An Unmuddied Lake)”—Throwback alert! That’s The Orb going HAM on some fellow musicians from the heyday of ambient dub/start of big beat.

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Top Played Artists 3/18-3/24

2 ST. VINCENT – St. Vincent
4 WAR ON DRUGS – Lost In The Dream
5 GUIDED BY VOICES – Motivational Jumpsuit
6 JUAN WAUTERS – N.A.P. North American Poetry
7 BLACK LIPS – Underneath The Rainbow
8 WARPAINT – Warpaint
9 AVA LUNA – Electric Balloon
10 DUM DUM GIRLS – Too True
11 HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – Small Town Heroes
13 SISYPHUS – Sisyphus
14 SNOWMINE – Dialects
16 TEMPLES – Sun Structures
17 TOY – Join The Dots
19 LO-FANG – Blue Film
20 ETERNAL SUMMERS – The Drop Beneath
21 PERFECT PUSSY – Say Yes To Love
22 WOODSMAN – Woodsman
23 CHEATAHS – Cheatahs
24 JAKE BUGG – Shangri-la
26 CEO – Wonderland
27 FALLS – Into The Fire [EP]
28 SLEEPY SUN – Maui Tears
29 NENEH CHERRY – Blank Project
30 DRY HEEVES – Boogie Till Ya Puke

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Top Played Artists 3/11-3/17

1    ST. VINCENT – St. Vincent
2    REAL ESTATE  – Atlas
4    GUIDED BY VOICES – Motivational Jumpsuit
5    BLACK LIPS – Underneath The Rainbow
6    AVA LUNA – Electric Balloon
7    WARPAINT – Warpaint
8    DUM DUM GIRLS – Too True
9    HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – Small Town Heroes
10    TEMPLES – Sun Structures
11    SNOWMINE – Dialects
12    JUAN WAUTERS – N.A.P. North American Poetry
13    TOGETHER PANGEA – Badillac
14    TOY – Join The Dots
15    PYPY – Pagan Day
16    CHERRY GLAZERR – Haxel Princess
17    MODERN BASEBALL – You’re Gonna Miss It All
18    NATURAL CHILD – Dancin’ With Wolves
19    SLEEPY SUN – Maui Tears
21    WARM SODA – Young Reckless Hearts
22    DEVIL MAKES THREE – I’m A Stranger Here
23    DISTRICTS – The Districts [EP]
24    SKATERS – Manhattan
25    MARK MCGUIRE – Along The Way
26    CASKET GIRLS – True Love Kills The Fairy Tale
27    NOTHING – Guilty Of Everything
28    ETERNAL SUMMERS -The Drop Beneath
29    DAMAGED BUG – Hubba Bubba
30    PAUL RUSKE – Uncertain Times

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Top Played Artists 3/4-3/10

3 GUIDED BY VOICES – Motivational Jumpsuit
4 SNOWMINE – Dialects
5 TEMPLES – Sun Structures
6 WARPAINT – Warpaint
7 TOY – Join The Dots
8 ST. VINCENT – St. Vincent
10 MODERN BASEBALL – You’re Gonna Miss It All
11 DEVIL MAKES THREE – I’m A Stranger Here
12 HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – Small Town Heroes
14 SKATERS – Manhattan
15 DISTRICTS – The Districts [EP]
16 JUAN WAUTERS – N.A.P. North American Poetry
18 BOY AND BEAR – Harlequin Dream
19 JAKE BUGG – Shangri-la
20 PAUL RUSKE – Uncertain Times
22 NATURAL CHILD – Dancin’ With Wolves
23 HOSPITALITY – Trouble
24 DUM DUM GIRLS – Too True
25 SLOTHRUST – Of Course You Do
26 BAND OF HORSES – Acoustic At The Ryman
27 MOZES AND THE FIRSTBORN – Mozes And The Firstborn
28 ANGEL OLSEN – Burn Your Fire For No Witness
29 BLONDFIRE – Young Heart
30 EAGULLS – Eagulls

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Top Played Artists 2/25-3/3

1 TEMPLES – Sun Structures
2 WARPAINT – Warpaint
4 SNOWMINE – Dialects
5 GUIDED BY VOICES – Motivational Jumpsuit
6 BAND OF HORSES – Acoustic At The Ryman
7 MODERN BASEBALL – You’re Gonna Miss It All
8 TOY – Join The Dots
9 DISTRICTS – The Districts [EP]
10 JUAN WAUTERS – N.A.P. North American Poetry
11 JAKE BUGG – Shangri-la
15 NATURAL CHILD – Dancin’ With Wolves
16 SLOTHRUST – Of Course You Do
17 PAINTED PALMS – Forever
18 SOLIDS – Blame Confusion
19 ANGEL OLSEN – Burn Your Fire For No Witness
20 HOSPITALITY – Trouble
21 DEVIL MAKES THREE – I’m A Stranger Here
23 TINARIWEN – Emmaar
24 CIBO MATTO – Hotel Valentine
25 SPEEDY ORTIZ – Real Hair [EP]
26 BLONDFIRE – Young Heart
27 MARK MCGUIRE – Along The Way
28 BROKEN BELLS – After The Disco
29 PYPY – Pagan Day
30 CASKET GIRLS – True Love Kills The Fairy Tale

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