Interview with Ruin (August 28, 2013)

By Mike Eidel

Ruin, Philadelphia’s inimitable and legendary band came down to the station to hang out, spin some records and talk about their highly anticipated Union Transfer reunion show (Saturday 8/31!!)  future releases, past shows, sparklers and much much more!

Ruin is more than music, or at least aspires to be more. Initially, it was a propaganda project. Students of the arts, philosophy and religion, doing lab work with music. Experimenting with ways of being human. Was, and still is . .

For more on Ruin Read this great article from City Paper.

Ruin in WKDU

Top Played Artists 8/20/2013 – 8/27/2013

1    SUPERCHUNK    I Hate Music    (Merge)
2    NO AGE    An Object    (Sub Pop)
3    DIARRHEA PLANET    I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams    (Infinity Cat)
4    RED DONS    Notes On The Underground [7-Inch]
5    SHANNON AND THE CLAMS    Dreams In The Rat House    (Hardly Art)
6    ISLANDS    Ski Mask    (Manque)
7    COKE WEED    Back To Soft    (Self-Released)
8    HUNX AND HIS PUNX    Street Punk    (Hardly Art)
9    WEEKEND    Jinx    (Slumberland)
10    WASHED OUT    Paracosm    (Sub Pop)
11    FOOTBALL, ETC.    Audible    (Count Your Lucky Stars)
12    PSYCHIC TEENS    Come    
13    OCTOPUS PROJECT    Fever Forms    (Peek-A-Boo)
14    NIGHT BIRDS    Born To Die In Suburbia
15    FRONT BOTTOMS    Talon Of The Hawk    (Bar/None)
16    KING TUFF    Was Dead    (Burger)
17    SIGUR ROS    Kveikur    (XL)
18    KID CONGO AND THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS    Haunted Head    (In The Red)
19    CAMERA OBSCURA    Desire Lines    (4AD)
20    OWEN    L’Ami Du Peuple    (Polyvinyl)
21    PITY SEX    Feast Of Love    (Run For Cover)
22    LEMURIA    The Distance Is So Big    (Bridge Nine)
23    SERENGETI    Kenny Dennis    (Anticon)
24    GAUNTLET HAIR    Stills    (Dead Oceans)
25    POND    Hobo Rocket    (Modular)
26    GRANDCHILDREN     Golden Age    (Earnest Jenning)
27    HEBRONIX    Unreal    (ATP)
28    MINKS    Tides End    (Captured Tracks)
29    GOGOL BORDELLO    Pura Vida Conspiracy    (ATO)
30    BASS DRUM OF DEATH    Bass Drum Of Death    (Innovative Leisure)

Top Played Artists 8/6/2013 – 8/13/2013

1 WASHED OUT Paracosm   (Sub Pop)
2 COKE WEED Back To Soft (Self-Released)
3 SHANNON AND THE CLAMS Dreams In The Rat House (Hardly Art)
5 KING TUFF Was Dead (Burger)
6 OWEN L’Ami Du Peuple (Polyvinyl)
7 SMITH WESTERNS Soft Will (Mom And Pop)
9 LEMURIA The Distance Is So Big (Bridge Nine)
10 KOPECKY FAMILY BAND Kids Raising Kids (ATO)
11 HOT CHIP Dark And Stormy [EP] (Domino)
12 SALVIA PLATH The Bardo Story (Weird World)
13 HUNX AND HIS PUNX Street Punk (Hardly Art)
14 GRANDCHILDREN  Golden Age (Earnest Jenning)
15 PSYCHIC TEENS Come (SRA Records)
16 WEEKEND Jinx (Slumberland)
17 FUCK BUTTONS Slow Focus (ATP)
18 NIGHT BIRDS Born To Die (In Suburbia)
19 CAMERA OBSCURA Desire Lines (4AD)
20 NATIONAL Trouble Will Find Me (4AD)
21 LOVE LANGUAGE Ruby Red (Merge)
22 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER Personal Record (Merge)
23 HEBRONIX Unreal (ATP)
24 BASS DRUM OF DEATH Bass Drum Of Death (Innovative Leisure)
25 DAUGHN GIBSON Me Moan (Sub Pop)
26 PITY SEX Feast Of Love (Run For Cover)
27 SERENGETI Kenny Dennis (Anticon)
28 A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES You’re Always On My Mind (Topshelf)
29 SURF CITY We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This (Fire)
30 POND Hobo Rocket (Modular)

Concert Recommendations: Fall 2013

By Nick Stropko

Over the past few months, I’ve been watching an amazing slew local shows being announced for the fall with frustration. You see, dear reader, while Philadelphia is about to have one of the best concert seasons in recent memory, I will be in Istanbul, enjoying the requisite college rite of passage that is study abroad (please, shower me with pity). Despite my infuriating inability to attend any of the following concerts, I have compiled a personal list of must-see shows for this fall.

Kishi Bashi @ First Unitarian Church Sanctuary, September 14 ($15)

Truthfully, I haven’t really given a good listen to Kishi Bashi’s only album, 151a. However, I did have the opportunity to catch him at the Church Basement as part of a WKDU Presents event, and it was stellar. Kishi Bashi creates little string ensembles with a lone violin and a loop pedal, which are combined with soaring vocals and occasional beatboxed vocals (it’s way less obnoxious than it sounds, I promise) to great effect. Throw in some whimsical stage decorations and a charmingly intimate venue, and I expect this to be a great experience.

Vampire Weekend @ The Mann Skyline Stage, September 19 ($35)

Okay, confession: I’m a huge V-Dubs fanboy. Huge. I’ve seen them five or six times, and Modern Vampires of the City is my album of the year right now. This being said, they’re a very tight, consistent band, and I’m very curious to see how much of their new material translates live. There’s really no gimmick here—just excellent songcraft and musicianship (and a steadily increasing touring budget, I suppose).


The Flaming Lips & Tame Impala @ Festival Pier, October 3 ($50–eesh)

A fortuitous pairing, to say the least. I’ve never really associated the psych stalwarts with the fresh faced up-and-comers, but I think the two bands will complement each other quite nicely. While the legendary nature of the Lips’ shows is already well-documented (they do seem to be adding some strange, disturbing elements to go with their dark new album, The Terror), Tame Impala proved to be a pretty excellent live band at their recent Electric Factory gig. I’m already a huge fan of both bands’ material, but I can guarantee that this will be a very entertaining show.

Making Time w/ Fuck Buttons @ Voyeur Nightclub, October 19 ($10)

The new Fuck Buttons album, Slow Focus, is a slice of dark, menacing, bass-heavy goodness. I really want to hear this thing pouring out of some overpowered subwoofers. Paired with Voyeur (possibly the most worthwhile nightclub in Philadelphia) and the fine folks at Making Time, I expect this to be a very, very good time. Be prepared to move.

Animal Collective w/ Dan Deacon @ Union Transfer, October 28 (Sold Out 😦 )

This one’s already sold out, but it feels worth mentioning. Deacon’s manic energy, channeled through performing in the middle of the crowd, is not something to miss. I guarantee that you will dance, and you will love it. Animal Collective is notoriously spotty in their live performances, often receiving the complaint that their concerts are more about writing new songs live than performing old ones. That being said, apparently they’ve been playing more older stuff lately (they absolutely killed Peacebone when I saw them at the Mann a few months back), and I think the energy is going to be incredible. A second date has been announced sans Dan Deacon, which should also be cool, but if you can somehow manage to get into this show…do it.

Man Man @ Union Transfer, October 30-31 ($20)

Oh my god. Go to this. Go to this. I can only imagine what kind of hijinks Man Man have planned for back-to-back hometown Halloween shows. The band has put on some of the most entertaining live performances I have ever seen, and I fully expect this to surpass any previous shows of theirs. This one will be special.

Basia Bulat @ The Boot & Saddle, November 20 ($10)

I first encountered Basia as an opening act for Beirut at the Electric Factory last year. She’s an incredibly charming and talented folk artist who plays a variety of instruments, including a weird autoharp thing. It’s cool. Anyway, if you’re looking for an excuse to check out R5’s newest venue, this would definitely be it—warm music to provide respite from November’s cold.

All this being said, I’m just thankful that I’ll be here for Neutral Milk Hotel.

Top Played Artists 7/30/2013 – 8/6/2013

1 SMITH WESTERNS Soft Will (Mom And Pop)
2 SHANNON AND THE CLAMS Dreams In The Rat House (Hardly Art)
3 CAMERA OBSCURA Desire Lines (4AD)
4 LEMURIA The Distance Is So Big (Bridge Nine)
5 OWEN L’Ami Du Peuple (Polyvinyl)
6 KING TUFF Was Dead (Burger)
7 COKE WEED Back To Soft (Self-Released)
8 LOVE LANGUAGE Ruby Red (Merge)
9 HUNX AND HIS PUNX Street Punk (Hardly Art)
10 HOT CHIP Dark And Stormy [EP] (Domino)
12 SERENGETI Kenny Dennis (Anticon)
13 GOGOL BORDELLO Pura Vida Conspiracy (ATO)
14 HEBRONIX Unreal (ATP)
15 THE NATIONAL Trouble Will Find Me (4AD)
16 SPEEDY ORTIZ Major Arcana (Carpark)
17 A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES You’re Always On My Mind (Topshelf)
18 GRANDCHILDREN  Golden Age (Earnest Jenning)
19 SALVIA PLATH The Bardo Story (Weird World)
20 FRONT BOTTOMS Talon Of The Hawk (Bar/None)
22 BASS DRUM OF DEATH Bass Drum Of Death (Innovative Leisure)
23 GAUNTLET HAIR Stills (Dead Oceans)
24 SAN CISCO San Cisco (RCA)
25 PITY SEX Feast Of Love Run (For Cover)
26 AUSTRA Olympia (Domino)
27 SOMBEAR Love You In The Dark (Trans)
28 WEEKEND Jinx (Slumberland)
29 HAPPY HOLLOWS Amethyst (Pesky Fruit)
30 MOOD RINGS VPI Harmony (Mexican Summer)