Making Time History with Dave P

Last week, we had the honor and pleasure of hosting the ever-RAD Dave P in our studios to help him celebrate FIFTEEN YEARS of legendary Making Time parties. Our station actually goes way back with Dave, as he made his FIRST EVER RADio appearance on WKDU to promote the VERY FIRST Making Time in 2000.

Dave P instagram

Did you know that Dave didn’t even DJ at the first Making Time??? It’s hard to believe listening to him rip the decks now, and after he laid down a killer mix for us, we got to chatting about Making Time history and some of the epic (in the truest sense of the word) nights that have happened over the last fifteen years. Take a listen to our chat as Dave recalls some of those nights, and talks about everything from hearing The Strokes for the first time, to Red Bull money, to Making Time marriages.

If you haven’t heard Dave’s set from last week yet, you definitely want to check that out and get PUMPED for PART TWO of Making Time’s 15th Anniversary THIS FRIDAY (6/19) with Shamir. “See you on the other side.”

Author: chrisburrell55