The Week’s New Music Highlights

Joyride! from their Bandcamp page

Some of the best musicians from a year or two ago are coming back around.

Fred Thomas

Fred Thomas’s new song, “Brickwall,” is one of his best yet. If it sounds familiar, it may be from his fantastic 2015 shows. His album Changer follows up 2015’s amazing All Are Saved, and is out January 20, 2017 on Polyvinyl. More info can be found at the Fader


Joyride! has a new album out now! Released this month, Half Moon Bay shows the Bay Area band doubling down on their mid-tempo pop-punk.  Half Moon Bay is out on Detroit’s Salinas Records and West Philly’s Stupid Bag.

Allison Crutchfield 

“Dean’s Room,” is the lead single off the debut album from Philadelphia’s Allison Crutchfield. Out on January 27, 2017 on Merge, A Tourist in this Town marks a step forward in production from 2014’s self released Lean into It EP.