speed dating w/ wkdu djs (pt.2)

a little bit of get-to-know-ya with the hosts of your favorite radio shows!


Alison Durham


SHOW NAME & SLOT: Dial Error, 12pm-1pm on Thursdays

TOP GENRES: punk, post-punk, folk

MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Fleabite /Wet Nurse / Microsoft Saint / Missing Earth @ Glitter Galaxy

MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: ate a Wawa pumpkin muffin while typing and got grease/crumbs all up in my laptop!!


Esmail Hamidi


SHOW NAME & SLOT: I don’t do a show right now (because school is really hard and I’m trying to graduate owwwwwww) but over the summer, I do a show with Nick Stropko called Toilet Radio. You can check out our manifesto here: Toilet Radio: an UPDATED manifesto and my show archives/mixes here: Mixcloud .

– Long story short, its a philosophy. I always struggle to draw common threads between all the music I like. And alot of its on old records..

-I also produce sessions on http://wkdu.bandcamp.com, make silly station ID’s and fix broken stuff around here.

TOP GENRES: dub anything, weird 90’s rock, lofi disco

MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Lena Willikens DJ at the Dolphin a couple weeks ago. Other than that, Cayetana and Weaves at PhilaMOCA back in August

MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: Getting too deep into Wikipedio instead of sleeping.

(HEADS UP (this is not part of this dj’s bio): WKDU is presenting a show on Saturday and Cayetana will be opening for PUP along with Chastity. Its going down this Saturday at Union Transfer)


James Friszell


SHOW NAME & SLOT: Cool Times and Sad Jams, Mondays 7-9pm

TOP GENRES: math rock, emo, punk


MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: I missed out on that Shannon Moser show. That looked cool.


speed dating with wkdu djs

Curious about the voices behind your favorite radio shows? Look no further… In this new blog segment, we’ll introduce you to a handful of WKDU DJs every week!


Jamila Payne

SHOW NAME & SLOT: Heart & Hustle Friday 4pm – 6pm
TOP GENRES: Classic Soul, Modern Soul and Afro Beats
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Judith Hill and Hiatus Kaiyote
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: Leaving my keys in an Uber and going to pick them up from the driver who was on stage singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on Karoke night at TGI Friday’s


Jordan Pyle
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Poltergeist, Mondays 1-3pm
TOP GENRES: rock, punk, experimental
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Japanese Breakfast at Everybody Hits
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: brought compost bin into a clothing store without realizing that it smelled like a compost bin…
Matt “Sunny” Sundal
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Sundown Lounge, Sundays 6-8pm
TOP GENRES: electronic, noise rock, hip-hop, experimental stuf
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: I’d rather not say, but another one is buying 3 festival tickets without regard for my other life expenses.
Chris Burrell
SHOW NAME & SLOT: Hot Mix, Tuesday 10pm-12am
TOP GENRES: house, techno, disco
MOST RECENTLY ATTENDED CONCERT: Lena Willikens at the Dolphin… she plays weird powerful dancey music while effortlessly chain-smoking cigarettes… I was in awe.
MOST RECENT LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT: turning the shower on when the curtain wasn’t inside and flooding my hotel room.

The Week’s New Music Highlights

Joyride! from their Bandcamp page

Some of the best musicians from a year or two ago are coming back around.

Fred Thomas

Fred Thomas’s new song, “Brickwall,” is one of his best yet. If it sounds familiar, it may be from his fantastic 2015 shows. His album Changer follows up 2015’s amazing All Are Saved, and is out January 20, 2017 on Polyvinyl. More info can be found at the Fader

Continue reading “The Week’s New Music Highlights”

Meshuggah Is Coming To Tear Philly Apart


— by Ebonie Butler

What’s up, ‘KDU kids?  Ebonie from Metal & Coffee here. If you haven’t heard already, Sweden’s finest Meshuggah are set to stop by the Trocadero Theatre on November 4th to wreck havoc on your not-so-innocent eardrums. These extreme metalists have been around since 1987 so if you are a metalhead and have not heard of them, that’d be kind of strange. But for the not-so-familiar and generally willing to have their cherry obliterated… here’s the scoop.

Meshuggah just released their 8th full-length album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, on Nuclear Blast records and they remain closely honed into the intensity and chaos that alone pioneered the djent-ish standard of mainstream metal today.

The first album I heard by them was Catch Thirtythree (yeah, I know. Late to the party) and opening track ‘Autonomy Lost’ threw me into an instant love affair with machinic prog-metal.  

Not to mention that High On Fire is supporting them on this tour… a lineup that has caused many metalheads to climax simply off the thought.

So make sure to get your ticket for the show here and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

And listen into Metal & Coffee [+ other metal shows] for a ticket giveaway!

7 Reasons to Get Up and Go the New Alternative Music Festival


The New Alternative Music Festival (NAMF) is September 16-18 in Asbury Park, NJ. Running by Don Giovanni Records, NAMF is a one-time event meant to be an alternative to the obstacles and backwards thinking presented the music industry. The result is a diverse lineup spread across three days, with no overlapping set times.  It’s one of the most significant musical events of the past several of years. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Get Up and Go the New Alternative Music Festival”

New Music Roundup

I’ve been listening to a lot of good new releases lately.  Some are by bands I’ve known, and some by bands I’ve never listened to before. There are some albums, and some singles to get you ready for the fall. In case you haven’t been able to listen to my show (Mondays 7-830AM), here’s a digest of my favorite tunes right now:

New Bellows (Brooklyn) single is very different than Blue Breath, with a lot more synth, auto tune, and chaos. It took me a listen or two to warm up to it, but after seeing them shred on the big state at UT last month, I’m ready for what’s next.

Debut SOMNIA record How the Moon Shines on the Shit. It features Spoonboy (DC) & Erica from RVIVR (WA). I saw RVIVR a few weeks ago and they blew me away. I like Somnia recording even more.

The Cowboys are a band from Bloomington that I saw last night in a West Philly basement with Purple 7. They shared a lot of members, and have some 60s and Western undertones.

New Outer Spaces (Baltimore) record sounds like the sequel to The Execution of All Things. They released an EP a couple years ago on Salinas, and push forward on Don Giovanni Records.

There’s a new Krill (Boston) EP that they recorded before they broke up. It warms my heart.

And a super hot LVL UP (Brooklyn) jam that manages to one-up the rest of their catalog.

The new Martha (Durham, UK) album is fantastic! I don’t know when they’re returning to Philly but I hope they do soon and maybe I’ll just follow them around the country.

I slept on the new The So So Glos (Brooklyn) album a little bit but Chris Gethard said it was his favorite album of the year, and it truly is great. It makes me want to throw blueberries at the wall.

Permanent Body is a new band based in West Philly. They’re led by the man behind Ghost Light, one of my favorite bands I never got to see play.